Organic Lawn Care in Westchester County

Organic Lawn Care in Westchester NY

Organic lawn care avoids the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, which are much better for the environment.

With rising concerns from pesticide-related health issues and environmental damage caused by the use of synthetic fertilizers, Felice Landscaping offers organic lawn care to create a beautiful lawn.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides kill the naturally-occurring beneficial organisms in lawns. This causes the lawn to become “addicted” to the chemical fertilizers, requiring more and more treatments. Organic lawn care, on the other hand, focuses on feeding the soil, rather than the plants or lawn itself. This builds the soil’s “immune system” by increasing nutrients and organisms that better tolerate problems like pests and drought and allows for long-term results for a healthy lawn. We use Jonathan Green Products and Seeds, which are highly rated as the best product in the industry.

Why go organic? Below are a few reasons that highlight the benefits of organic lawn care.

Safer for Humans and Pets
Avoiding the use of herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers creates a healthy environment for humans and pets to enjoy without worrying about chemical exposure associated with traditional lawn care.

Several studies have indicated that exposure to the chemicals in lawn care contributes to increased rates of cancer and other diseases. Children and pets, especially are more susceptible to health risks due to their size and proximity to the ground.

Environmental Benefits
Organic lawn care avoids the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, which are much better for the environment. During regular watering or heavy rain, the chemicals wash away into the drains, which flow into and pollute waterways like the Hudson River.

NASA scientists attribute lawn runoff to 20 percent of the water pollution that causes the “Dead Zone” in the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico. At times larger than the state of Connecticut, no life can exist in the Dead Zone due to a lack of oxygen in the water. Heavy spring and summer storms cause fertilizer and sewage runoff to create algae blooms, which consume all of the available oxygen in the water.

In addition to polluting our waterways, lawn fertilizers have been linked to animal deaths. It is estimated that 67 million birds die annually due the toxins in pesticides. Synthetic pesticides can kill the insects and plants seeds birds rely on for food, eliminate vegetation used to hide from predators, and birds of prey ingest toxins passed on from the fish and other small creatures they consume.

Improves Soil Quality
At Felice Landscaping, we believe in the philosophy of ‘feeding’ the soil, not the lawn or plants. Healthy soil produces healthy grass. We do this by composting, aeration, and reseeding once per year or so.

Adding compost can revive nutrient-depleted soil, resulting in a stronger root system and a healthier lawn. Further, it improves water and air retention, which means less watering.

Aerating is the process of using a machine to create holes in the ground and makes a huge difference in maintaining a healthy lawn. Creating the pores in the surface at least once per year makes space for water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil and revitalize the grassroots.

Reseeding annually can act as natural weed control, as adding grass seed increases turf density making it harder for weed to thrive.

Significant Financial Savings
As mentioned earlier, the use of synthetic fertilizers can create a negative feedback loop.

Chemical fertilizers applied to grass will help it grow at a more rapid rate. However, this increases intolerance to pesticides and drought. So, now you’ll need to apply a pesticide and water your lawn more regularly. This is just money down the drain.

Healthy soil, maintained through the natural fertilizer methods indicated above allows the soil and roots to fight off pests and diseases on their own, reducing the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Reduced Lawn Maintenance
While the upfront costs of organic lawn care may be more expensive, over the long term, costs will reduce considerably without the need for frequent fertilizers, pesticides, and watering.

If you are concerned about using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in your lawn, contact us to discuss organic lawn care options. The Felice Landscaping crew is certified and licensed to perform green practices to keep both you and your lawn healthy over the long term.