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Irrigation Services

Who are we?

We at Felice Landscaping carefully select materials and components to ensure long-term durability as well as low maintenance of the lawn.

We cater to high-quality lawn irrigation services in Westchester County, NY for residential and commercial clients.

Revolutionized and state of the art Irrigation service

We offer high-end irrigation services for both residential and commercial, including lawn sprinkler systems. Our services include:

  • Installation (attaining permits)
  • Repair
  • Calibration
  • Beginning of the season startup
  • End of season Winterization / Blowouts

Why should you choose us?

We are well known for professionally designed water system frameworks which employ practical and efficient ways to ensure that your landscape receives the correct amount of water without over-or under-watering. Our team of skilled experts and installers are capable of providing modern and innovative solutions for projects of any size.

When installed and maintained properly, your system can sustain a beautiful landscape in Westchester NY.

Reduced Water Consumption and Irrigation Costs

Our continuous efforts of research and technology teams have resulted in adopting smart technologies such as leak detection systems and water recovery programs. These latest technologies give us a concrete data analysis of water usage.

Professionalism in all elements of landscape design and lawn irrigation in Mamaroneck for commercial and residential properties is provided by Felice Landscaping. That’s why we are ranked among the top irrigation companies in Westchester county.

No job is small or little.

Felice Landscaping is dedicated to providing excellent service, and we place our clients above all else.

We provide lawn irrigation services in Westchester County, NY at a competitive rate, starting with the initial site visit and design, installation, and beyond. We are known for providing full-service irrigation services, and a dedicated irrigation division that is trusted and reliable.