Electric Services

Felice Landscaping offers a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for all your landscaping needs with their advanced electric equipment. This innovative service significantly reduces noise pollution, ensuring a quieter experience for your neighborhood, and eliminates harmful emissions, promoting a healthier environment. Our electric equipment is just as powerful and efficient as traditional gas-powered tools but operates with a much smaller carbon footprint.

By choosing Felice Landscaping’s electric services, you are supporting a cleaner and greener future. Our commitment to using cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology means that you can enjoy beautifully maintained lawns and gardens without compromising on performance or quality. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your landscaping choices are contributing positively to the planet.

Option 1: Electric Machines and Full Organic Program
Our first option is centered around sustainability and environmental stewardship. By utilizing electric machines, we minimize noise pollution and reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, our full organic program ensures that the landscape is maintained in an environmentally friendly manner. We strongly believe in creating and maintaining a harmonious balance between nature and the community.

Option 2: Hybrid Program with Gas and Electric Machines
For clients who appreciate a blend of tradition and innovation, our second option offers the best of both worlds. We primarily rely on electric machines to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve the tranquility of your property . However, where necessary, we also utilize gas machines to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Our hybrid lawn program follows a similar approach, mostly utilizing organic products while incorporating traditional products when deemed necessary.

For more information or to begin a sustainable, eco-friendly service offering contact us today!