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When it comes to designing a yard, there are several things to consider. Drainage that ends up channeling water in the direction of your home’s foundation might result in major difficulties down the road. If you are not cautious, you may worsen an existing one.

A lack of proper drainage results in leaky basements, which are frequently the direct result of a lack of appropriate slope away from the property. The majority of individuals believe that unless you live in an area with a significant amount of yearly rainfall, this is not a significant issue. In reality, however, this is not the case. When rain falls in locations that receive average or less rainfall, it might be troublesome if the water that does fall tends to collect at or travel towards the house or building.

Making landscaping more accessible

Our professionals at Felice Landscaping are highly equipped to provide assistance as per your needs. Puddling in your yard and landscaping is undesirable because it may detract from the appearance of your yard and also can actually drown out plants that you have painstakingly selected and had expertly put in your yard. You don’t want the water to flood your basement or compromise the structural integrity of your home, which is more vital.

How can we help?

Water drainage landscaping in Mamaroneck a Westchester County has become an alarming issue. Using our drainage solutions, you can handle your water drainage problems without investing. We can build a dry well or a pumping station in low-lying locations if necessary. Our drainage experts provide best services in Mamaroneck, Westchester county, conducting a property evaluation, analyzing elevation, soil conditions, as well as precipitation flow.

Our Drain Tube System

Putting a drain tube system may be a very simple and affordable solution for drainage problems in the vicinity of a home. To complete the project, a trench must be dug near the home, and an out spout must be installed at the end of the barrel to discharge any water that has collected. It is possible to add other components to the system, including such channel drains for roads and patios or dry wells, to make it more functional. Our competent team of landscaping specialists will install the system and ensure that the work area is as good as new when they have completed their task.

Why Choose Us?

Water drainage is among the most significant challenges that homeowners must deal with. Heavy rains as well as flooding in the summertime, snow melting mostly in spring, and snow covering and refreezing throughout the winter are only a few of the issues presented by the climate’s severe weather conditions, which include: Every one of these fluctuations take a toll on your home and outdoor living area, as well as on you.

Felice landscaping offers landscape drainage Mamaroneck Westchester for any of your drainage issues. If you have a problem with water ruining your foundation, pools growing in your yard, erosion damaging your landscape, or any host of other things, our skilled staff will handle the situation and resolve the issues for you.