Beginners Guide To Organic Lawn Treatments - Felice Landscaping

Organic lawn care is a natural lawn treatment option to boost your lawn’s irrigation system. The treatment option includes a blend of non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients like soybeans, bone meal, and feather meal to maintain lawn health.

These ingredients help you manage your lawn while dodging harmful chemicals such as benzoic acid herbicides, organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids that may cause adverse effects on health.

Benefits of Organic Lawn Treatments

  1. It reduces soil compaction and helps your lawn retain water. This allows your soil structure to grow stronger and helps grass and plants grow faster.
  2. Purely organic lawn fertilizers can improve the soil and enhance your lawn’s overall health for a long time.
  3. It’s renewable, biodegradable, and sustainable, and hence, a viable option for the environment, plants, animals, and humans.

Tips To Care For Lawns

Use Organic Fertilizer

To sustain an organic lawn for a longer period of time, use organic fertilizer instead of chemical ones. When working with lawn care professionals, you can ask about their fertilizer options. You can also use DIY organic fertilizers using seaweed, coffee grounds, and corn gluten.

Create Homemade Compost

Homemade composts are the best for organic lawns. Compost is a concoction of decomposed organic materials such as vegetables, fruit peels, food scraps, leaves, and twigs. Using compost can help keep pests away and improve the health of your plants.

Maintaining A Watering Schedule

Watering in the early morning helps the soil absorb more water than watering during daylight. This is because the water evaporates faster during the day, leaving the soil dry and deprived of nutrients. 

Eliminate Weeds 

Weeds growing on your lawn can strip the nutrients of your soil. To eliminate weeds, you can prepare a weed killing solution at home. Natural weed killers made with everyday items are the best way to get rid of pesky grass. You can make your own natural weed killer by mixing together vinegar, dish soap, and salt in a spray bottle for easy application on weeds around any area that needs some attention!

Keep Your Lawn Pest-Free

If your lawn doesn’t look lush green and you notice that the grass is starting to die, has browned blades or wilting flowers on it, then there might be a pest infestation. To prevent this from happening, remove weeds and trim your yard regularly to avoid pests damaging your garden.

You can prevent pests from ruining your yard by ensuring there are no weeds or standing water. Clear away all debris in order to kill any potential breeding grounds for these pesky creatures, such as dead leaves on the ground and branches leftover from last season’s festivities!

Don’t Make The Grass Too Short

Cutting your lawn’s height can be tempting during the summer, but it might not always help. Taller grasses allow photosynthesis to happen more easily and weeds are less likely to grow since there is no sunlight hitting them directly.

Maintain Your Organic Lawn In Westchester

These are some tips that beginners will find resourceful. By ensuring organic treatment you are taking care of your family’s health as well. 

Let professionals handle your lawn and find the best solution for your organic lawn treatment. Felice Landscaping is an irrigation company Westchester county, we offer natural lawn care options- organic and traditional- along with other lawn maintenance services. Read our blogs or contact us at (914) 557-1151 for a lawn treatment solution.