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After the pond installation, we are done with the work, but you aren’t. You need to maintain the waterscape too. Without maintenance, your backyard pond won’t give you the benefits you hope for.

Pond maintenance should start immediately after construction is complete. The earlier, the better, because delaying pond maintenance can cause adverse effects on your water feature and is an unhealthy place for aquatic lives.

So, how should you maintain a waterscape pool? Here are a few tips that will demonstrate how to do so:

Clean The Pond Regularly

As garden ponds are installed outside, they can collect dirt and debris quickly. Rotten leaves are a greater threat because they release toxic gases that destroy the ecological balance so counter that by keeping the reservoir clean. You can do this by removing leaves off the pond surface using a skimmer. 

Sludge is another problem. Thoroughly clean the pond using a pond vacuum. This should scoop the mud off the ground of the pond to prevent the growth of algae.

Limit Algae Growth 

Algae are beneficial for ponds, but overgrown algae can cause bigger problems. They are a good food source for fish and other aquatic animals. Therefore, we recommend keeping some algae. 

How do you rermove algae?

  1. Algaecides are the most effective method of removing algae.
  2. You can introduce plants like lettuce and hyacinth that consume large quantities of algae. 

Clean The Clogged Pump & Filter

Check if the pump, filter, and fountains are clogged by dirt or debris. If that’s the case, you need professional help to clean the clogs. During the warm seasons, the pumps and filter are made to run for hours, making them vulnerable to malfunctions. If your pump or mechanical filter is clogged, disconnect it and flush out the debris. You also need to keep the biological filter; you need to clean it partially to avoid killing all bacteria (they are helpful in breaking down ammonia). 

Troubleshoot And Repair Any Leaks

If the water level of your pond starts to drop fast, there could be a leak. If the ground around the pond feels wet, it’s a sign that your pond is leaking. To repair a leakage, you need to drain the water first. Then use the right materials to improve the structure. If you face a problem restoring the leakage yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for our help.

Maintain The Right Temperature

The water in the pond tends to heat up during the hotter months. This can cause problems for aquatic creatures in the pond. A good rule of thumb is to set the water temperature to the optimum level. You can do that by sprinkling cold water. If ice forms onto the water surface during winter, you can use a heating system to melt the ice.

Creating Waterscapes In Westchester, NY

These are a few tips to follow in case of maintaining your pond. Caring for your pond may feel like a tedious job, but it keeps your garden area looking attractive and is a haven for aquatic life, like fish. 

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