Things To Consider When You’re Planning A Hardscape - Felice Landscaping

So, you want to install a hardscape? That’s great! Hardscapes add beauty to your home and value to your home. This also helps attract tenants and potential buyers.

While hardscape designs are a great addition to any home, the installation can be pretty grueling, especially during the planning phase. 

Here is a list of tips for planning your hardscape:

Create A Blueprint

It is important to sketch the whole yard when designing a hardscape. This will help you create a solid plan for your hardscape ideas and mark off any features that need special attention, like your favorite decor or house placement in relation to its surroundings. 

Design Your Hardscape

To keep your hardscape looking its best, it’s important to consider the variety in nature. For example, do you want shrubs along a concrete pathway or just grass? Do you want tall trees to provide shade for pets to lie lazily? Do you want an herb garden or flowers along the driveway or are both possible to have?

Determine Your Budget

Your budget will help you make a lot of decisions about how to proceed with landscaping projects. When planning the financial aspect, ask yourself these questions:

– Can I afford this whole area at once? 

– Will it be wiser to build out the landscape and then complete other areas as needed?

Also, consider hiring people if you can’t do it yourself.

Choose The Materials Wisely

When planning hardscape construction, be sure to consider the materials that will best suit your preferences,  like do you want an organic look? 

When deciding, be mindful of upkeep (which should also be part of determining the budget) because this type requires more attention. If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to your hardscape, consider using durable materials.

Prepare The Yard

It’s time to start thinking about your hardscaping installation project. After all, you are in charge of making sure that everything goes according to plan! If this is something outside of what you feel comfortable doing, we recommend hiring a professional to help with excavation and hardscape installation. They know these things inside out, so don’t worry yourself over it too much.

Excavation largely depends on the size of your project, but there are some general principles to focus on like drainage. When you have a hard surface, runoff is inevitable. A good way to reduce the amount of rainwater on your property and keep it in one place would be by making some swales out of a shallow ditch or planting more trees at strategic locations to funnel water to them, instead of onto concrete sidewalks for instance.


Hardscapes and masonry work is full of possibilities. With a little imagination, creative execution from our expert masons, we can bring any project to life! Our services include building sidewalks, pools, curbstone, brickwork, retaining walls, and much more. So, if you are interested in hiring professionals for hardscaping in Westchester, NY, consider Felice Landscaping.