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Insect-Repelling Plants To Keep In Your Garden

Is living with pesky bugs like mosquitoes, flies and gnats making your life hell? The quickest way to get rid of the pests is to spray or heat insect repellants. These chemical repellents harm your health but does that mean you shouldn’t fight them off? Of course, but there’s a better way. 

Insect-repelling Plants

The essential oils in insect-repelling plants help ward off insects. These plants are natural repellents and have the added benefit of letting you make your own natural insect repellent spray using their leaves. Another smart way to reap the benefits is to incorporate the plants into your landscape in the front or backyard garden. Just remember, you need enough concentration of oils to get protection against bugs.

Most of these plants are flowering plants and will make your gardening space look ethereal and appealing. Some of these flowers have a pleasant fragrance, too, so that’s a plus! 

Let’s have a look at the different plants you can consider:


You most probably have heard of lemongrass and its effectiveness. The natural oil in lemongrass helps keep bugs, especially mosquitoes, away. Lemongrass is ornamental and grows up to 4-to-5 feet tall. 

Fun fact: Lemongrass also has culinary uses because leaves add a kick in flavor. 

Lemongrass can grow only in South Florida because it needs sun and well-drained areas. Plant them in the soil or a pot.


There isn’t anybody who doesn’t know the wonders of Lavender. Bring one home, and you vanquish all the mosquitoes, fleas, and flies. Lavender has been used for many years to make essential oils for diffusers, inducing sleep, refreshing the mind, and keeping your living space free of bugs. 

Lavender thrives in the sun and makes great bouquets to beautify your home and get rid of insects.


You can grow rosemary anywhere from containers and herb gardens to landscaped beds and raised beds. Rosemary’s oils are excellent for repelling unpleasant insects and, interestingly enough, also promotes hair growth. You can use the dried rosemary leaves and flowers and boil them up to make your own natural repellent spray! Or just extract the essential oil and put it in the diffuser to keep your room.


Chrysanthemums keep away cockroaches, lice, ticks, spider mites, bed bugs and beetles. You can find the plant in North America. A synthesized compound from chrysanthemums called pyrethroids is an active ingredient for garden insecticides, indoor sprays, pet shampoos, and repellents. Pyrethroids, however, aren’t environmental, so people prefer planting the entire plant instead. Also, chrysanthemum’s natural pyrethrum is effective against bugs and are much safer than the synthesized compounds.  

So what other plants can you possibly consider?

Oh, and don’t ditch colorful petunias and the bright marigolds that deter lice, mosquitoes, and even rabbits. Mint is also a great option to repel insects and quite tasty in tea.

And who knew basil, chives, bay leaves and garlic weren’t just good for some home cooking?

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