Benefits Of An Outdoor Water Feature

7 Reasons to add water features to your yard.

Water features add a relaxing element to any yard or garden.

Water features like ponds teeming with fish, waterfalls, or water fountains add a relaxing element to any yard or garden.

At Felice Landscaping, we can work with any size property to install a water feature that fits into your garden style and is in accordance with the level of maintenance to which you’re willing to commit.

Getting closer to nature.

There are plenty of reasons to install a water feature on your property. Listening to the sounds of water running contributes to a tranquil environment and the sounds are restorative for those of us with busy lives. Additionally, they can turn the yard into a wildlife retreat, which creates a balance within the garden overall. Water features are aesthetically-pleasing, add to the value of the property, and benefit personal wellness.

  1. Water Features Create a Focal Point in the Yard
    For a truly unique addition to any landscape, a water feature not only adds value to the price of any property, but also attracts more buyers, renters, or clients. Think about how you feel upon hearing the sound of water flowing. It immediately brings on a calming effect. Our landscapers at Felice can work with you to design a water feature for your property based on your preferences. From meditation corners to entertainment areas, we can create an idyllic scene that complements the rest of the garden.
  2. Water Attracts Birds and Other Wildlife to the Yard
    A backyard water feature invites birds and wildlife like frogs, ladybugs, bees, and other beneficial bugs. In addition to creating a habitat for wildlife viewing and relaxing, birds and bugs act as natural pest control. They reduce the population of aphids and other plant-eating bugs, frogs help reduce the number of slugs, and bees and other pollinators cross-pollinate nearby plants. Further, wildlife-friendly gardens contribute to the preservation of local wildlife biodiversity, offering a retreat to bird and bug species that have lost their habitats due to human development.
  3. Running Water Creates a Cooling Effect
    Running water is nature’s air conditioning, making the water feature a respite during the hot Westchester County summers. You’d be surprised how much cooler sitting next to a water feature will bring down the temperature in that corner of the yard.
  4. Ponds Create a Natural Habitat for Fish and other Water Creatures
    If your property has a larger space, consider installing a koi pond, otherwise, goldfish are a great option, as they can thrive in smaller spaces and are more affordable. Pond plants like lilies and algae are also inexpensive. Keep in mind, the maintenance required for a fish pond is a bit more extensive than with a water fountain or waterfall, since the fish need clean water in order to thrive.
  5. Water Features Make the Yard Appear Larger
    The reflective properties of water act the same way a mirror does in a home: it creates the appearance of more space. For maximum reflection, we would use a dark pond liner in the water feature or fountain. To create a nice evening ambiance, Felice Landscaping can add underwater lighting to create different shapes and colors.
  6. Water Features Save on Water Use
    Installing a water feature where lawn or other plants would otherwise grow saves on water. The water used in water features is circulated and recycled, so there is no need to supply regular water to keep the feature running. Without the need to maintain a green lawn over the summer months, water features not only save money but are also better for the sustainability of the environment.
  7. You Enjoy the Sounds of Nature
    Watching birds and listening to their songs brings calm, as a result of the meditative manner in which one observes these fascinating creatures! The soothing sound of water flowing and bubbling creates a tranquil ambient noise that reduces both stresses and also blocks the sounds from nearby roads.

Now that we’ve given you a few reasons to consider installing a water feature in your garden, feel free to contact us when you’re ready to chat with our landscapers to help you design a water feature to enhance your overall landscape.