10 Flowers For Your Summer Garden

flowers for your summer garden

Spring has sprung in Westchester county and our landscapers are here to help you prepare with a list of flowers for your summer garden. Generally, spring is the season associated with colorful blooms, however, plenty of flowers wait until summer to come alive, decorating the garden in a sea of colors. When other plants and grasses go dormant or die off in the heat of summer, the flowers listed below will keep your garden thriving and colorful all summer long.

Our knowledgeable landscapers at Felice are familiar with the best performers for the Hudson Valley region that will bloom in sequence all summer long.

Helnium (Sneezeweed)

This vibrant orange and yellow flower will make any garden pop during the dog days of summer, livening the yard just as other flowers are beginning to fade. The colors pair well next to blue and purple flowers and grasses. Helenium can grow up to 3-5 feet tall and spread from 1-2 feet wide. Bees and butterflies love them for the late-season meals and they are deer resistant, as a bonus.


A favorite summer bloom, Foxglove comes in a variety of colors, including rusty yellow, hot pink, and purple. The tall spires with bell-shaped blooms add height to gardens. With such a short blooming season, these flowers come and go quickly, and do best in a sunny location with soil that does not dry out. These biennial plants usually last just two seasons but may grow longer if well cared for. They are poisonous, so should be avoided in homes with small children and pets.

German Garlic

As a member of the allium family, this plant will give off a faint onion scent, which should help keep away the pesky deer that love to help themselves to Hudson Valley gardens. The perennial resembles a grape lollipop with its tiny lavender flowers….situated atop a slender stem. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds will visit often to enjoy this favorite sweet treat.


Dahlias will most likely become your favorite flowers for your summer garden, and for good reason. The daisy-like flowers come in a variety of colors and tones and last from mid-summer through the first frost. They come in a rainbow of colors and a range of heights. As they do not produce a scent, they attract pollinators on account of their bright color.

Garden Phlox

One of the rare flowers that come in nearly every hue of the color wheel, including the elusive blue, Garden Phlox are popular for their long growing season and are therefore a staple of many summer gardens. The tiny flowers form a lollipop-like shape atop a thin stem and grow anywhere from 1 to 5 feet in height. Under ideal growing conditions, they can last in a garden for decades.


No other plant says summer like a sunflower! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also easy to grow, heat and drought tolerant, and pest resistant. The reason for their name is because they are heliotropic, which means that they turn their heads to follow the course of the sun throughout the day. They attract bees and birds and are lovely cutting flowers.


These colorful flowers are one of the easiest to grow, as they sprout quickly and bloom in abundance. Zinnias are perennials, and so must be replanted each year, and make lovely cutting flowers. The explosion of color will brighten any yard, particularly in a mixed border garden. A butterfly attractant, zinnias will bring life to the garden.

Coneflower (Echinacea)

These popular perennials are heat and drought-resistant, easy to grow, and bloom for several months. Echinacea comes in brilliant shades of pink, orange, yellow, and red. Though they come in a range of shapes, the most iconic is their daisy-like shuttlecock flower form. Birds and other pollinators love them and they typically thrive in full sun.


A wonderful addition to any garden, wildflowers are easy to grow, weed resistant, and attract a host of wildlife, including birds, bees, butterflies, and good insects. They’re also pest resistant, which means minimal spraying of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Sea Holly

These spiky silvery-blue flowers add a dramatic contrast to gardens. Sea Hollies are drought tolerant and wonderful butterfly attractants. They can also be harvested to make lovely fresh or dried flower arrangements. Easy to grow, Sea Holly thrives in full sun and moist soil with ample drainage. Once established, these plans require minimal engagement other than watering during long periods of drought.

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