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Lawns are often the first thing people see when they visit your home. They create an impression that can last for years, so it’s essential to take some time and invest in creating one you’ll be proud of! Landscaping and lawn care are imperative to keep your lawn in tip-top condition. 

Unfortunately, lawn maintenance is an often-overlooked task in the hustle and bustles of life. To make matters worse, many homeowners tend to gravitate toward some absurd myths about lawn care that could lead to improper lawn maintenance. Here are these myths you should stay miles away.

You need to water your plants frequently

Your garden and lawn need water to survive. However, there’s a myth that we often hear and is that we need to water our plants more and more to help them grow. While watering is undoubtedly important, overwatering can kill plants. 

Overwatered plants may drown due to excess water. Your plant’s roots need oxygen to breathe and live, so when excess water is poured into the soil, it causes waterlogging. Waterlogging can suffocate and drown the plants.  

Mowing is the only solution for lawn care

While mowing the grass to keep them healthy and uniform shape is a must, they aren’t the only steps to care for your lawn. Measures like aeration, fertilization, and other lawn care measures are essential for a healthy yard. If you aren’t doing them, you deprive your lawn of care and nourishment.

Using fertilizers will always help the lawn

Many home gardens have this misconception that fertilizer is the answer for all plant problems. This isn’t the case, unfortunately. Fertilizer can help with growing your grass and giving them nutrients. 

However, over-fertilizing tends to weigh down the soil and prevent your plants from growing properly. Using fertilizer once or twice a year is a proper measurement that must be followed. Most people fertilize in the summer months to get the most out of the lawn and grass.

Spring is the best time for planting

Most of the time, people get their planting done in the spring. While you can plant shrubs and trees during the season, it’s not always necessary. Certain plants, shrubs, and vegetables grow best during different seasons of the year. Therefore, a planting schedule and a little more research on seasonal plants will benefit your lawn care.

Plants need sunlight in abundance to thrive

Plants use photosynthesis to make their food from water and minerals in the earth. Therefore sunlight is an important element for plants. 

However, not all plants require the same amount of natural light. Too much sunlight could even kill your plants and grass. Plants like Zinnia can thrive in full sun, while Bluebells and Mat Daisies only need partial sunlight.

Anyone can do landscaping

Landscaping is not as easy as you would like to think. Although you certainly can design and create your landscapes, it is best to leave the work to landscaping designers and professionals. Talk to us or your desired local lawn care company about landscape designs and your requirements.

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